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The coast to coast queen
August 27, 2014

What did you do on your summer vacation? The age-old back-to-school essay question typically inspires stories of summer camp and fishing trips with the family, but one Driggs woman, herself a former teacher, has quite the topic for her back-to-school essay. ...(more)

Running with a purpose
August 20, 2014

In life, just as in running, sometimes the best way to start is simply by putting one foot in front of the other.

So after Tetonia resident Leilani Daniels decided to take time off from teaching Kindergarten to raise her three small boys, she set her sights on another type of marathon. ...(more)

Finding a style of her own in Teton Valley
August 13, 2014

A visit to the weekly Driggs Farmer’s Market offers an array of local goods and produce, but one booth has stood out this summer season, manned by watercolor artist Chellee Lowder and her paintings. ...(more)

Belle of the ball
August 06, 2014

“It was an adventure,” said local artist Philbin de Got Schulz of the recently completed mural project at the Teton Geotourism Center. de Got Schulz coordinated the efforts of three other artists and over 20 volunteers who helped install the murals in the visitor and cultural center that opened last week. ...(more)

The real deal
July 30, 2014

This rich history continues, as enthusiasts keep the mountain man tradition alive, and can be enjoyed by the public at Victor’s upcoming Teton Valley Mountain Rendezvous. As if transported from another century, mountain men from all over the country will descend upon the town to sell and trade their goods, as well as reunite with old friends. ...(more)

Airing on this side of the Tetons
July 16, 2014

Local and visiting artists will be studying the epic scenery of the Tetons a little closer next week as Downtown Driggs Community Association kicks off its Plein Air Festival in Teton Valley. The event will feature a workshop by visiting artist and Colorado resident Nancy Lewis, who will impart her unique take on painting in plein air in the Rockies. ...(more)

Team player
July 09, 2014

The Teton Valley Ski Education Foundation is shaking things up during the summer off-season with the hire of their new Executive Director, Corey McGrath. With a commitment to getting kids on the slopes and having fun in the outdoors, McGrath offered the perfect fit for the job with an experienced background in skiing and outdoor education. ...(more)

Williamson rides as Tetonia Rodeo Grand Marshal
July 03, 2014

A prominent valley citizen will serve as the Tetonia Rodeo Grand Marshal after decades of service to the community. Larry Williamson has been involved in the Tetonia Rodeo, including the Teton Valley Saddle Club, nearly from its beginning. ...(more)

If you build it...
June 25, 2014

Teton Valley backsides will enjoy a few less splinters this summer, as the Teton County rodeo grounds now feature new bleachers, thanks to the help of Harley Wilcox and his family. ...(more)

Shifting gears
June 11, 2014

One of the newest residents of the area moved here with no job, but simply with the desire to live somewhere that offered as much beauty and recreational opportunities as Teton Valley. She ended up with the best of both worlds. ...(more)

Exclusively local
June 04, 2014

There’s a new chef in town, though he’s hardly new to the valley. Having lived in the area for several years while working in some of Jackson’s finest restaurants, Jonathan Molofsky is putting down some roots at Huntsman Springs. ...(more)

Going the distance
May 28, 2014

Targhee CrossFit coach Joshua Rempel knew he wanted to compete in the CrossFit Games about two years ago, as a way to measure his own fitness level against other people around the world. A major competition among participants of the CrossFit program, the Games seek to find the “Fittest on Earth.” Taking this as a challenge, Rempel sought out a coach and found one in Southern California. ...(more)

Top grads to address Class of 2014
May 21, 2014

Each student addressing the graduating Class of 2014 is different in their own respect, save one common thread. Each acknowledged this week the steadfast support they received from their families over years, that have brought them to this point in their academic careers. ...(more)

Bagley brings a smile to your face
May 14, 2014

Helping kids to smile all over the world, local resident and pediatric nurse practitioner Heather Bagley knows a few things about rural third world hospitals. Thirteen years ago Bagley went to Nicaragua on behalf of the organization Operation Smile, as one of several professionals volunteering to help repair cleft lip, cleft palate and other facial deformities. ...(more)

Man power
May 06, 2014

As an organization seeking to help people feel safe, The Family Safety Network’s office on First Street conveys that sense of calm and security directly from the curbside. Located in a small house across from the Driggs City Park, one cannot help but feel right at home upon opening the front door. A box of high heels sits near the entrance, brimming over with size 11 shoes for their upcoming “Walk A Mile In Her Shoes” event. Children’s toys are stacked next to a big window next to tables and chairs, offering the space a feeling of comfort and wellbeing. ...(more)

From pit crew to pole position
April 30, 2014

While many pro racers from Eastern Idaho placed well at the debut of the Crazy Horse Hill Climb at Grand Targhee last weekend, the one local guy to take first place in his division was Jason Nethercott, the man who is usually at these races with grease on his hands and tools in his pocket. ...(more)

Building a better boat
April 23, 2014

With a sunglasses tan that might very well be permanent, Tom Fenger has been taking anglers on local water for nearly 30 years. He has his favorite rivers, but until this year, he hasn’t had his favorite boat. ...(more)

Home base
April 16, 2014

During the Family Safety Network’s monthly board meeting last week, the nonprofit honored long serving board member Liz Pitcher by officially naming its transitional home after her. Pitcher was presented with a framed certificate declaring the house to be named “Pitcher House” in her honor. ...(more)

Harmonious pairing
April 09, 2014

Sometimes, when you’re not sure what you’re looking for, you find exactly what you want. ...(more)

Stumping silently
April 02, 2014

In November of 2007, Larry Young and Alice Stevenson were Teton County Commissioners who weathered a recall after placing a temporary moratorium on new development. Young avoided the recall by 571 votes, and Stevenson kept her seat by a margin of 486 votes. ...(more)

Transforming an old icon
March 26, 2014

If you were looking to get loaded and possibly end up in a fist fight, the Timberline in Victor might’ve been your best bet, but those days are gone. And so is the T-line by the middle of May. ...(more)

Kindness was her calling card
March 19, 2014

Though she doesn’t think the office of treasurer should be political, Bonnie Hatch considers herself a conservative Democrat. And judging from the furniture occupying her little corner of the Teton County courthouse, that only means the most veteran elected official in the county doesn’t like to spend money on stuff unless she has to. ...(more)

Cooking for the comrades
March 12, 2014

In the midst of cooking for the men’s U.S. Alpine Ski Team while they trained in New Zealand last August, Tanya Alexander was extended a once in a lifetime offer. Glowing reports of her cooking prowess and nutritional savvy had reached the powers that be.  She was approached by the U.S. Ski & Snowboard Association’s High Performance Director, Troy Flanagan.  He had one question: “You wanna go to Russia?” ...(more)

Hapi trails to you
March 05, 2014

Last weekend’s skijoring competition ended up being called off, but not for lack of snow. Event organizers determined the conditions to be unsafe for the horses after a horse punched through the track Saturday morning during a test run.  ...(more)

Amateur of the airwaves
February 26, 2014

In today’s globalized society, communicating with someone across the world happens regularly and instantly, whether through email, text message, Skype, phone service or other forms of digital communication. Richard Berg has been in contact with folks from Japan, Germany, Australia, American Samoa, and so on.  ...(more)

Getting and giving a helping hand
February 19, 2014

If you ever wind up getting stuck in the backcountry, take comfort in knowing that there is a team of dedicated volunteers ready to come rescue you. ...(more)

Ready for a new kind of service
February 12, 2014

With more than 35 years of government service in the Air Force, Army and CIA, Ron Moeller has a lot of great stories, but he can only tell you a few of them. And though much of Moeller’s career is classified, one of the most relevant pieces of information for local residents is that he will be running in the primary election this May with the ultimate goal of representing District One as county commissioner.  ...(more)

On the road to better care
February 06, 2014

Rubi Valdez is the newest gem at Teton Valley Health Care. As she fills the hospital’s new role in the Community Relations and Patient Services Development Department, one of her biggest goals is helping the community better understand the Affordable Health Care Act.  ...(more)

Learning a lot about where you live
January 22, 2014

For the third year in a row, snow sculptures located in front of the Driggs City Center as a part of the Teton Valley Great Snow Fest got visitors to stop downtown. Having a point of interest drew crowds, and that sort of excitement is what Cynthia Rose believes is in store with the Teton Geotourism Center.

For friends, family and fishing
January 15, 2014

There may be debates about who has the fastest or the best looking snow plane, but everyone in Teton Valley is pretty certain that Daryl Zohner is the man who has built the most snow planes over the course of his life. ...(more)

Good perspective from the bench
January 08, 2014

The Honorable Jason D. Walker didn’t go to law school thinking he wanted to become a judge, but a career in law has brought him to Teton County to serve on the bench as the newly appointed magistrate judge, replacing the venerable Judge Colin W. Luke this month.  ...(more)

Staying the course
December 11, 2013

You may not recognize Lyn Christian as she hasn’t taken center stage in her past role as the secretary and treasurer of the Driggs Urban Renewal Agency. And though Christian would prefer to stay out of the spotlight, she believes in the Teton Scenic Byway project enough to have accepted the responsibility of chairwoman.

Student of the snow
December 04, 2013

Teton Valley is a hotspot for avalanche professionals, from instructors and backcountry guides to forecasters and snow scientists, but no one knows the snow quite like Lynne Wolfe. ...(more)

A personal Christmas touch
November 27, 2013

Nestled within a deep blue velvet case lie an array of Christmas ornaments: glass bulbs, ovular photo frames, miniature red teakettles, all adorned with hand painted scenes of the local environment. A moose wandering in a snow-covered field with Grand and Middle Teton in the background, white-frosted pines with towering Teton peaks behind, an elk amongst the wintry spruce trees. ...(more)

The hills are alive with the sound of Mary
November 13, 2013

Perhaps you’ve heard her perform around town – at the Teton Valley Farmer’s Market, at Pendl’s Café or at the former Alpine Wines. ...(more)

Forward momentum
November 06, 2013

There’s something to be said about hiring a relatively unknown name to a position that will require a lot of face time. ...(more)

The women of VARD
October 30, 2013

The last of the warm rays of autumn sunlight fill the spacious second floor office of Valley Advocates for Responsible Development. The front room is cozy with couches, a smattering of local and regional publications neatly arranged on end tables. Desks bookend the long front room. ...(more)

Just the beginning
October 23, 2013

It’s been four years since Cocoa Grove opened its doors next to Broulim’s, and said owner Cori Dahl this week, it sometimes feels like she’s only just begun. ...(more)

Parsons’ passion passed on
October 16, 2013

Last month Ruby Parsons celebrated 84 candles in her birthday cake, and next Tuesday she will cut her retirement cake at the Teton County Fire District office as she has given the community 22 years of dedicated service as one of the founding fire district commissioners. ...(more)

Peddling Obamacare
October 09, 2013

After Elsie Wach earned her associate’s degree in broadcasting from Ricks College, the Rexburg native worked at KRXK Radio. Wach is still in broadcasting these days, but times have changed a little. She is now broadcasting a message that health insurance is not the three-headed monster that recent politics have made it out to be. ...(more)

Making Driggs a runner’s world
October 02, 2013

This coming Saturday morning, Grant Maughan will start the day just like you and me, putting his shorts on one leg at a time. And then he’ll run a hundred miles from West Yellowstone to Driggs in roughly 18 hours. ...(more)

Teton Valley’s snow queen
September 25, 2013

When winter days start to drag, Teton Valley has the cure—The Great SnowFest. In its fourth year, Dawn Banks will take the helm of this exciting growing winter event, which features a weekend of snow sculpting, ski joring and snow cross competitions and snow bike and running races. The festival also includes live music events, a community dance, a mini-hockey tournament, a variety of demonstrations and much more. ...(more)

The author and his editor
September 18, 2013

The author of strongly worded and highly conservative letters to the editor, Kitchner Head didn’t always have time to be so prolific in the local paper. Originally a native of Canada, Head was Teton Valley’s only doctor for 25 years, beginning in the early 1970s. ...(more)

Fixing guns for pleasure and posterity
September 11, 2013

What makes mountain town and valley living interesting are the men and women who specialize in work that allows certain hobbies, interests and passions to maintain their unique place in one’s life. Steve Boyer is one of those people. As the owner of Idaho Gun Stock and Duplicating, Boyer restores and builds guns mainly for hunting. ...(more)

Planning means people
September 04, 2013

It was a pin point on the larger map of life and for Brittany Skelton, all roads seemed to be leading to a new life in Teton Valley. ...(more)

Build it and they will come
August 28, 2013

You may have seen Denis duNann shoveling the sidewalk in front of Alpine Wines in Driggs last winter and the winter before that. He likes to make it easy for people to patronize his wine shop and believes that increased traffic is good for all businesses downtown. ...(more)

Jim and Bob vs. the volcano
August 21, 2013

It can be a singular and selfish sport. But for two friends, Jim Shultz and Bob Henneage, a dream to climb Mount Rainier in Washington state also helped to raise funds for the nonprofit Teton Valley Rotary Club. ...(more)

Connecting farm to market
August 14, 2013

Back in the late ’60s and early ’70s, Mark Ricks can recall a time when getting potatoes to market was a group effort. Farmers’ trucks lined up next to county trucks to receive a load of gravel at the pit. They’d work together delivering that material to county graders that worked long hours making sure roads were passable in the spring. There was no charge to the farmers for the gravel, but the farmers did the hauling for free. ...(more)

Both sides of the bow
August 07, 2013

When the taxidermy season slows down during the summer, Bill James takesa break from boiling skulls and teaches his archery expertise to a new generation of 4-H kids. ...(more)

Advocating for value
July 31, 2013

With his office and shop situated in the Rocky Road Industrial Park south of Driggs, Joe Montesano understands that everything has its place in a community. For him, that’s what planning and zoning is all about, but he also considers himself a proponent of property rights. He believes the two are not mutually exclusive. ...(more)

Not his first rodeo
July 17, 2013

Lane Hillman was raised in rodeo, but that’s not why he has stayed with the sport into adulthood.


Big D’s got your drift
July 10, 2013

Entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well on the streets of Victor in the form of David Barringer this summer, a 13-year-old kid who landed in Teton Valley just a couple months ago and already has his own business up and running. ...(more)

One young Kahuna
July 03, 2013

Reed Hutton is headed for Austria this week, but he isn’t sporting a Eurorail pass and a backpack. Hutton is representing the United States as an athlete rather than a tourist. ...(more)

The other advocates
June 26, 2013

With all the concerns the Robsons have about regulations and their property rights slipping away, they really just want predictability. Like many farming families, they have no plans to sell the farm, but they want options. ...(more)

Family style
June 05, 2013

Leaving out the mushrooms in the corner of a casserole for one regular attendee of senior citizen lunches is one way Sue Cicero serves those in the community through her cooking. ...(more)

Rendezvous woman
May 29, 2013

Becky Maness learned to love serving others at a young age from watching her mother, Lora Davis. ...(more)

Top grads to address Class of 2013
May 22, 2013

Behind the smiles and cheers, the hugs and the confetti that comes with each season’s graduation is a private story for each student at Teton High School. One laced with hard work, probably a few tears of both frustration and joy and of course the collective sigh that the milestone often brings to seniors shedding an old skin eager to explore new horizons. ...(more)

Making a splash
May 15, 2013

Crista Pentz moved to Teton Valley over 13 years ago and lives in Alta, with her family where she finds great joy in raising her two children; however, when she realized her kids needed to learn how to swim, she found the options limited. ...(more)

The ranching way
May 08, 2013

Everything that Skip Clark was wearing on Monday gave a small window of insight into the man that was one of the first non-LDS ranchers to buy ground in Teton Valley more than five decades ago. ...(more)

Chele Cain is 2014 DYW
May 01, 2013

Chele Cain lost a small wager with her father last Saturday night. ...(more)

A shepherd in the desert
April 24, 2013

When Jay Batchen first attended the ultra marathon, Marathon des Sables stage-race through the Moroccan desert, it was not to run but to film it for the Discovery Channel in 1999. This year, Batchen attended the 150-mile endurance race for the tenth time but more as a leader and organizer than a competitor. He essentially ran the race only to help others. ...(more)

Spreading their word
April 10, 2013

It was a year ago when the Summit Church decided to take a group of teenagers to the Casa de Fe orphanage in Shell, Ecuador led by Pastor Mick Fraiser. Fraiser had spent time at the orphanage before and made the connections to make the trip happen for Krystianna Fraiser, Ellie Champlin, Melanie Shea, Ben Champlin, Rebekah Bernal and Sam Champlin. The six teenagers spent five months fundraising to make the trip a reality. ...(more)

Reaping what they sow
April 03, 2013

The first signs of spring are often a welcomed relief after a long Rocky Mountain winter. And for Lena Dickerson, the thrill of seeing seedlings break through the dirt in her trays is just one simple joy for the new owner and operator of Blue Flax Farms in Victor. ...(more)

Healthy returns
March 27, 2013

Two new physician assistants are happy to call Teton Valley their home. Again. ...(more)

Horsepower hero
March 20, 2013

Some kids grow up idolizing superheroes like Batman and Superman, but a lot of kids in Teton Valley want to be more like Rob Kincaid than they care about any caped crusader. ...(more)

Rally for the Relay
March 13, 2013

Sometimes life forces you to take a stand. And for Susan Foster, that moment came this year after a good friend was diagnosed with breast cancer. ...(more)

Reaching out a hand
March 06, 2013

Picking clean lines on an epic powder day in the mountains offers a feeling of freedom often unmatched to anyone who’s never hovered the edge of a mountain on two sticks. And this is what the Grand Targhee Adaptive Ski Program is offering to every skier that heads to their hill. ...(more)

Sustaining relationships
February 27, 2013

Teton Regional Land Trust Stewardship Director Matt Lucia will be leaving his post and the valley on April 1. No foolin’. ...(more)

No challenge too great
February 20, 2013

On March 2, Pattie Layser will be the one dressed in butterfly wings and a pink wig she’s hoping will be delivered before next weekend. It’s a fitting custom considering Pattie’s chrysalis of change over the last several years. ...(more)

One concerned citizen
February 13, 2013

After being soundly defeated in the primary elections of 2012, Lynda Skujins could have faded from county politics, but she didn’t. Sometimes the only member of the public at commissioner meetings, Skujins continues to stay informed on the issues by paying close attention while also being involved. ...(more)

Finding his focus
February 06, 2013

Josh Myers was on a perfectly safe path through this world. But six months on the Appalachian Trail is enough to give anyone new focus, and for Myers, walking off the AT after 2,200 miles was his first step toward a career he could never have day-dreamed. ...(more)

Sharing her secret
January 30, 2013

High school can often be an endless landscape of a variety of personalities that, whether you care to admit it or not, work to define our future selves. For good or bad, the people we meet along the locker lined hallways can leave lasting imprints we carry with us on our way to becoming who we are and who we want to be. ...(more)

A dynamic duo
January 23, 2013

Blame it on the chocolate milk.

That’s what Teton High School sophomores Bailey Lerwill and Mindy Kaufman attribute to their epic weekend that awarded them not only bragging rights, but a $75 cash prize as they were named “All around great athletes,” at the conclusion of Teton Valley’s Great Snow Fest. ...(more)

A cold commodity
January 16, 2013

It’s debatable whether or not Eskimos have more descriptive words for snow than Dan Powers does, but the Mayor of Driggs has an unequivocal love for the frozen white stuff.

There’s a new (under) sheriff in town
January 09, 2013

The new Chief Deputy for the Teton County Sheriff’s Office is more than happy that he doesn’t have to travel Teton Pass every morning for work. But above all he is looking forward to serving in the community that he is most connected with, his home here in Teton Valley. ...(more)

Rising to the occasion
December 19, 2012

460 Bread is a rising example as a community business giving back for the sake of the valley’s greater good. ...(more)

Sharing the stoke
December 12, 2012

You may not recognize the face of Opie Jahn yet, but you might be familiar with his voice. ...(more)

The ice has an ally
December 05, 2012

As a guy who has lots of experience building ice, Sven Taow knows that the roof on the Kotler Arena in Victor is as valuable as the new Zamboni that recently rolled into town. ...(more)

Working hard to harvest
November 28, 2012

Every successful elk hunter has a favorite spot in the mountains, and the day after Thanksgiving, Brad Boner pulled into his before sunrise. He turned off the ignition to his vehicle and sat silently to collect his thoughts. ...(more)

Nothing for granted
November 21, 2012

As Dena Bjork bows her head this Thanksgiving, she won’t struggle to come up with things in her life that she is grateful for. ...(more)

Perfect pitch
November 14, 2012


Small town sustainability
November 07, 2012

Creating a very practical application of sustainability within local government, Ashley Koehler worked as a beef broker for Summit County, Utah. She put area ranchers together with local government to make sure steaks on the menu of restaurants in and around Park City didn’t have to travel from Texas. ...(more)

Mind over matter
October 31, 2012

Whether we’re taking our second lap on Glory, collapsing through a 5K finish line or simply throwing our hands up at the end of those old Jane Fonda workout videos, our muscles are telling us they’re working hard when they’re humming and sore. ...(more)

TGR taps local skier with honor
October 24, 2012

For the outdoor enthusiast of all ages, taking it to the mountains and rivers that surround us in Teton Valley is its own reward. But for some, filming those adventures adds an additional element. By doing so, you cannot only relive precious moments in life, but you can also share them with others. ...(more)

One hero of the harvest
September 26, 2012

A chain snaps, potatoes pile, overflowing the conveyor belt. Jesús “Chuy” Olivas, foreman at the Arnold potato farm in Felt, springs into action. He yells for someone to turn off the conveyor belt, directs a pair of workers to collect the fallen potatoes into a wheelbarrow and slides under the frozen conveyor belt to investigate the cause of the problem. Flipping open electrical boxes and quickly producing a spare chain and a toolbox, Olivas hurries to correct the problem. A simple issue like this could easily ripple out to delay every aspect of the complex harvest operation, and Olivas wants to keep things moving. ...(more)

Cultivating beauty
September 19, 2012

Being good neighbors means more than lending the occasional cup of sugar. During the warmer months in Teton Valley, those who keep a tidy yard instill a sense of pride throughout town. Driving into Tetonia, you can’t help but notice the manicured lawn and garden of Sam and Ella Beard. ...(more)

A higher calling
September 12, 2012

He’s been called pastor, padre, rabbi and even Father Mulcahy. ...(more)

Savoring the season
September 05, 2012

When hailstorms hit the south end of Teton Valley last Saturday, Kerry Buxton was sweating bullets. ...(more)

Lunch is served
August 29, 2012

Adam Sandler may have poked fun at hairnets and Sloppy Joe’s when he sang about Lunch Lady Land more than a decade ago, but there’s more than a spoonful of sugar that makes Kathy Rowbury’s world go round. ...(more)

Getting hard headed about concussion prevention
August 08, 2012

With each of Andy and Dawn’s seven children pursuing their sport of choice, athletics are just a part of life in the Davis family. But when two of their boys declared a passion for football, they had to think twice about the risks. ...(more)

Advocating for community
August 01, 2012

Cassandra Sanchez was just a third grader when she first saw the presents. Helping her mother unload groceries at their home in Brownsville, Texas, she spied a trunk full of them, colorful packages that caused the little girl to nearly jump up and down with excitement. ...(more)

Finding the right fit
July 25, 2012

The hallways were dark except for the summer sun filtering through the front doors as Frank Mello made his way to his new corner office. “I don’t like empty schools,” he said as he turned on the lights in the front office at Teton High School. “I like when a school is alive and full of energy.” ...(more)

Putting family first
July 18, 2012

When Sonia Robles left Mexico in May 2002, she thought the move would be temporary, that after two or three years she would be back in her hometown of Hueyotlipan, teaching school again. She certainly didn’t think that 10 years would come and go after she joined her husband Alejandro in Idaho, but her home in Victor now includes Jennifer, 12, who was only two when she accompanied her mother to the U.S., and Alex, 7, in addition to herself and Alejandro. ...(more)

Taking pride in the ride
July 11, 2012

Tristan Hansen is his own biggest critic. He took a long look at the photograph associated with this article and his brow knitted a little. He was not exactly thrilled with the position of his feet up on the horse’s neck, and it’s this attention to detail that put Hansen on top in rodeo. ...(more)

Grounded in the skies
June 27, 2012

When the skies of Teton Valley fill with hot air balloons during the balloon rally this year, local balloonist Margaret Breffeilh will be one of the pilots going up in the morning. ...(more)

Ace in the hole
June 20, 2012

When Tony Snoey took a job as operations manager at the Huntsman Springs golf course in the summer of 2008, he knew he had become part of something special. Four years later, he is at the helm alongside the Huntsman family to help steer the entire development out of the dicey waters of an economic recession and a downturn in real estate sales.   

A slice of community support
June 13, 2012

As the proprietor of Tony’s Pizza & Pasta in Driggs, Glen Gresly knows what it takes to do business in Teton Valley. He does his own books and pays his own taxes, but he’s also a firm believer in reciprocated support. He patronizes your business, and you support his. A rising tide raises all ships, so they say. ...(more)

Ross caps record season as Coach of the Year
June 06, 2012

Teton High School baseball coach Dave Ross was named All-Area Baseball Coach of the Year by the Post Register last Sunday following a season that crowned his team district champions for the first time since 2003.
Though Ross is humble about the honor, co-workers and employers alike agree that he earned it. ...(more)

A still life
May 30, 2012

Before moving to Teton Vally, local artist Julia Hibbert had often traveled through the area, marveling at its beauty and wondering how it had escaped becoming a crowded tourist destination. Anyone who has seen Hibbert’s work might have similar thoughts about her. ...(more)

A lifetime of learning
May 23, 2012

For many in the Teton County School District, these last few days of class mark the ending of another school year with the impending days of summer break. But for fourth grade teacher Barb Agnew, these are her last days on the front lines of education as she reflects on a lifetime of teaching. ...(more)

Farming a family affair
May 16, 2012

Verl Jardine sat beside a hay field on his family farm this week and recalled a simpler time when horses were used to plow and harvest fields. Prior to sprinkler irrigation, moving water was still important to farming in Teton Valley, but a lot of it went to keeping the horses hydrated. ...(more)

Flipping for school support
May 09, 2012

Behind the doors of the Brakeman American Grill in Victor, there is never a dull moment.  Happy diners come and go while owner Joe Reed mans the grill and wife Patty leads the wait staff with a calm smile.  Since the summer of 2010, these two have been busy creating a successful and much beloved local eatery that caters to the beef lover in us all. 

Digging the community garden
May 02, 2012

As daffodils have already begun showing their yellow heads throughout Teton Valley, it is clear that spring has sprung, and no one is more ready for that than David Scott. He’s got a garden to grow. ...(more)

Go with the flow
April 25, 2012

Steve Roth’s shop alongside Hwy. 33 north of Driggs is powered primarily by solar electricity, but what happens under his roof can include anything under the sun. Roth understands how energy flows, and he believes that can give you access to the physics of almost anything.

New face for foundation
April 18, 2012

The Teton Valley Foundation has found a new maestro to direct, support and grow the organization that brings you Music on Main, Bingo, the Great Snow Fest and the Kotler Ice Arena to name only a handful of popular events.

Getting a good hold
April 11, 2012

When Brady Johnston was growing up in Jackson, snowy days were not the only promise during the long winter. He knew also that the Teton Rock Gym would be open in the evenings to keep athletes busy, young and old alike. ...(more)

Burgers get a new king and queen
April 04, 2012

Wayne Hartshorn has been a hardworking small businessman for a long time in Teton Valley, but his newest venture has restored a sense of faith in free enterprise and reinvigorated hope for the future of those willing to believe in the power of community support. ...(more)

Driggs is home
March 28, 2012

Please stand up if you remember when the World Trade Center went down, when the Teton Dam broke, when Prof. Murdock taught music at Teton High and when the mining town of Sam was a bustling mini-community. Are you still standing? Then you are in good company but a rare breed, a rare breed indeed. ...(more)

The original melodrama queen
March 21, 2012

Before the term Drama Queen was even coined, Peggy Egbert was tickling the ivories. For 44 seasons, over 40 performances per season tallying up around 1,760 times, Peggy Egbert took her throne at the piano and provided the soundtrack for the melodrama on stage at Pierre’s Playhouse in Victor. She never missed a night due to illness, earthquake, being great with child or even the passing of her husband. Not one performance!


It’s easy to shine when you’re vibrant
March 14, 2012

A road trip west is innocent enough, but you know how this story is going to end. The Tetons have been guilty many times of luring people to live here, but it is what each individual does once they’re here that sets them apart. ...(more)

Where there’s a Will there’s a way
March 07, 2012

In an effort to increase the recycling efforts of Teton County, a new position at the transfer station was created nearly five months ago to help educate citizens and facilitate reduction from the waste stream.
Since November of last year, Will Wise has been working at the Teton County Transfer Station to try and eliminate what is trucked out.

La douceur de vivre
February 29, 2012

Lauren Estay’s steady mastery of the confectionary arts has earned her the prestigious opportunity to showcase her skill in Paris, France next month at the Mondial des Art Sucres competition. ...(more)

Wonder boys
February 22, 2012

While some students are shooting hoops after class, a handful of Teton High School students were busy creating a robot that takes making a free throw to a whole new level. ...(more)

Music that matters
February 15, 2012

The final bell has rung at Teton Middle School and Susan Christensen is sitting at her desk laughing with students in the band room who are lingering after classes. Her room is bright to match her smile, band chairs neatly stacked in a semi-circle with sheet music in even piles along an upright piano next to her desk. ...(more)

Kenny found his groove
February 08, 2012

Though Ken Chambers may often be caught with a pinch of snuff in between his cheek and gum, the local businessman will never be accused of not putting his money where his mouth is.

Internet killed the video store
January 25, 2012

The effect that video had on radio was nothing compared to how video stores are being affected by a variety of new technologies that have decreased patronage to a critical level.


Community as art
January 18, 2012

Chicago had the cows. Jackson had buffalo. And now Driggs has snow. ...(more)

Carving her own destiny
January 11, 2012

When Lee Harris registered with the Idaho Commission on the Arts, she did not have any intention of becoming a snow sculptor.

Snowball the cat
January 04, 2012

Aaron Little likes a challenge. He takes on projects that would intimidate most mechanics, but he doesn’t attribute his skill set to anything more than just the desire to get something running. ...(more)

She’s not bluffing
December 28, 2011

After giving local businesses her sustained patronage over the holidays, Sarah Thiel received something in return by way of the grand prize during the poker run in Driggs this holiday season. ...(more)

Santa’s helper
December 21, 2011

Through the centuries Santa Claus has made a series of evolutions. And the man in red with the white beard and oversized bag of gifts for all the good little boys and girls seems to make an appearance a little earlier every year. ...(more)

We’re in good hands
December 14, 2011

Sometimes all it takes is one person believing in you to change the course for a lifetime.

A fresh face in an old fight
December 07, 2011

Maybe you wouldn’t have expected the executive director of VARD to be a lifelong Packers fan, but the value of a stereotype is lost when trying to make it stick with Stacey Frisk. ...(more)

Ski hill icon finds uplifting support
December 01, 2011

If you know Grand Targhee Resort, chances are you know Slim. ...(more)

Ready for TNT
November 17, 2011

With snow on the ground and the weather service predicting much more on the way, Teton Valley has turned to thoughts of powder, first turns and new wax. ...(more)

The real McCoy
November 10, 2011

He may be a Hatfield, but Ray is the real McCoy. ...(more)

Family matters
November 03, 2011

Sometimes understanding life’s direction is not an obvious path, like say, following the yellow brick road. ...(more)

Sewing for survival
October 27, 2011

Brian Pentz is one of those guys that doesn’t like to see things go to waste, so when he spotted yards of fabric being dumped behind an interior decorating business in Jackson, he liberated as much as he could in his pickup truck. ...(more)

Stepping it up
October 19, 2011

Mike Evans did not grow up a long distance runner. ...(more)

One of the good guys
October 13, 2011

In classic western films the good guy could always be identified wearing the white cowboy hat. ...(more)

Working on his core
October 05, 2011

With road construction mostly completed in downtown Driggs and along parts of Hwy. ...(more)

Hail to the Chief
September 28, 2011

Teton County Fire Chief Mike Hoyle retired this week leaving behind a legacy at the helm of the Fire District, one he is proud to acknowledge could not have developed without the staunch support of his staff, commissioners, the community  and the county.

Setting a record straight
September 21, 2011

Mariah Bredal didn’t know she was in first place until she crossed the finish line. ...(more)

Making a name for herself
September 14, 2011

Emma Adkisson has ideas, plans, a growing vision and now, a new firm. ...(more)

Shelter finds good fit with new manager
September 07, 2011

The Teton Valley Community Animal Shelter is having a fundraiser this month, but Patti Mattern doesn’t know much about it, that’s not her job. She does, however, know every cat and dog in the Shelter and how their personalities would best be matched with a new owner. ...(more)

Know what you’ve got before it’s gone
August 31, 2011

Doug Aslin’s 93-year-old dad was a test pilot for the Navy, so his family knew he might have some issues later in life with his hearing, but no one ever anticipated Alzheimer’s. ...(more)

Finding his place on the map
August 24, 2011

Rob Marin, an expert in navigating Teton Valley via Geographic Information Systems (GIS), has returned after a hiatus to put his skills to work for Teton County. ...(more)

The farm wife life
August 17, 2011

Bobby Douglass sat surrounded by her farm, her husband, her two dogs, and almost 300 acres of land. ...(more)

Making the good life better
August 11, 2011

It’s a cheap shot to ask Dahvi Wilson to define sustainability, but it is the buzzword that has been the cornerstone of her contributions over the past several years here. As the new executive director of the Teton Valley Foundation, Wilson is well versed in what it takes to strengthen a community socially and economically, thereby sustaining the characteristics that have created a sense of place for so many. ...(more)

My name is Derek
July 27, 2011

High water pushed three local fishing guides from the South Fork of the Snake to the Teton River last Wednesday where they all aided in the rescue of a woman from Arizona who was paddling the body of water that was flowing outside of its banks. ...(more)

Volkl volunteers
July 20, 2011

Deb and Joe Hurlburt speak reverently about all the dogs they’ve ever had, but they’re incredibly proud of their five-year-old, a German Shepherd named Volkl who ended the search this week for a man missing on Elk Mountain outside of Rawlins, Wyo. ...(more)

4-H leadership lessons on national stage
July 13, 2011

As he describes his weeklong trip to the nation’s capital, Jessie Murdock looks up from his cell phone, smiles and flips his phone open again when he receives another text.

Tuning in while toning up
July 06, 2011

Some of the best inventions are borne of necessity.

Glassy artist receives state recognition
June 22, 2011

Heat radiated from the molten glass at Heron Glass studio Tuesday, on what was a surprisingly sunny and warm first day of summer. Artist and part owner at Heron Glass, Mary Mullaney received the Idaho Commission on the Arts highest honor this month.


Grizzly encounter
June 15, 2011

Though bears have been slow to come out of the mountains this spring, one grizzly sow was quick to defend a pair of cubs in Teton Canyon last Sunday when Chris Laing and his eight-year-old Alaskan Malamute, Rio, took a stroll along the snow line. ...(more)

A black sheep finds her flock
June 08, 2011

Janna Rankin may be retired from a life lived far from the shadows of the Tetons, but this Alta resident continues to carry a legacy built on years of smashing glass ceilings and breaking stereotypes. She tirelessly dedicates herself to environmental conservation, law, and women’s groups, efforts that have translated into action in Teton Valley. ...(more)

Trophy trails
June 01, 2011

While many Teton Valley mountain bikers scratched around over Memorial Day weekend to find a trail that wasn’t buried in snow, Troy Olson traveled to Rapid City, South Dakota to compete. And as he found himself eyeing the podium after two days of riding hard, Olson’s drive for trail conservation on his home turf was confirmed. ...(more)

Graduation means dreaming big, with a plan
May 25, 2011


Sculpture finds favor against the world
May 18, 2011

It all started with the Revolutionary War and one wooden duck.
And more than 30 years later, Dan Burgette has whittled his artistic journey into a second world championship at the 41st Ward World Championship Wildfowl Carving Competition earlier this month. ...(more)

Philanthropy’s pilgrim
May 11, 2011

Five syllables synonymous with the Community Foundation of Teton Valley used to be Cathy O’Connor. And though a multi-syllabic moniker is probably not listed on her resume, Shannon Brooks Hamby will carry the torch as Executive Director for the mother ship of all valley nonprofits. ...(more)

Flowing with grace
May 04, 2011

For Erin Burke, offering Teen yoga at the Yoga Tejas center in Driggs is the combination of two passions. ...(more)

In service of women
April 20, 2011

The second day on the job, Erin Johnson was conducting interviews as the Teton County Sheriff’s newest investigator, a position that was made available through a grant written by the Family Safety Network. ...(more)

The power of the permit
April 13, 2011

For many serious fishermen in Teton Valley, a summer’s worth of angling on area rivers is simply not enough. There are always new techniques to master, new frontiers to experience. The grass is always greener. And at this point in his career, Mike Dawes of Victor has seen a lot of grass. ...(more)

The soloist
April 06, 2011

With lightness and grace at her fingertips, one Teton High School student has become a force while flaunting the ethereal notes with passion from her flute. ...(more)

When teacher becomes student
March 30, 2011

Every girl likes the fellowship of a book club. It just so happens that Suzanne Hochstrasser is in the company of second graders. ...(more)

College bound
March 23, 2011

They might be sophomores this year, but Riley Hodgson and Jacob Miskin were accepted into college this summer. ...(more)

Carving her own destiny
March 16, 2011

Entering into the world of competitive figure skating at the age of 13, Teton Valley native Kyley Ripley can’t imagine couples skating right now. It’s not the increased complexity of working with a partner or the inherent trust required with choreography for two skaters, she just has no desire to be that close to boys just yet. ...(more)

Good grooming
March 09, 2011

While personal hygiene is considered an important first step in a healthy lifestyle, Randy Blough knows that good grooming is just as important. ...(more)

Making sure the ice is alright
March 02, 2011

Getting intimate with Mother Nature is something that Shawn Brown has been pretty familiar with over the years, but his relationship with the weather has moved from personal to professional this year. ...(more)

The physics of having fun
February 23, 2011

It is generally accepted that riding fields of deep powder on a snow machine is most effectively accomplished by standing up, feet firmly placed shoulder width apart on the running boards, back arched to fully utilize the strength of the gluteus maximus. ...(more)

The rough diamond’s daddy
February 16, 2011

A diamond anniversary marks a special and significant milestone in any relationship. ...(more)

Post war bride: Betty Christensen
February 09, 2011

When I popped in on Betty this afternoon I found her in the kitchen nook surrounded by English lace curtains and rolling out dough for individual mincemeat pies, mincemeat that came from England. ...(more)

Providing comfort food
February 02, 2011

Every other Wednesday the Teton Valley Rotary Food Bank serves up more than boxes and cans of food, but a continued mission of community support that is for many families a lifeline. ...(more)

The portrait of an engineer
January 26, 2011

In the bowels of Teton County’s new courthouse, Louis Simonet’s desk is wallpaperead in maps referring to roads, zoning, winter maintenance and other topics of great interest to developers, taxpayers and anyone else with a stake in the future of the County. ...(more)

Filling the need
January 19, 2011

Bonnie Dreher believes that asking two questions can sum the measure of a man: how do you treat others and how do you treat man’s best friend? ...(more)

Going green for the economy
January 12, 2011

It’s not about a flower child dancing around compost piles for Jamie Boos. No, recycling is serious business for the civil engineer and newly appointed executive director for the nonprofit Teton Valley Community Recycling. ...(more)

Just a good ole boy
January 05, 2011

What Patrick Burke knew about snow and ice growing up used to top off a thimble, but now it could probably fill a book.

Planning is not just an academic exercise
December 29, 2010

Twelve years in service to Teton County has helped Larry Young differentiate between cynicism and skepticism. ...(more)

Claus not so merry with new TSA regs
December 22, 2010

With Santa’s sleigh entering into international airspace, the Transportation Safety Administration is requiring Saint Nick to pass through checkpoints around the globe as he delivers presents to good boys and girls everywhere. ...(more)

Help me Rhonda...
December 15, 2010

Whatever the circumstance, Rhonda Kjos speaks in a hushed whisper, as if there is a child asleep in the next room. The sky could be falling outside, but her voice seldom wavers.

Bagley set sights on national competition
December 08, 2010

As a fourth generation farmer and rancher on the south end of the valley, Stephen Bagley knew from the time he graduated with a college degree that he would follow in the steps of father and his father’s father.

Student scholars are tops in November
December 01, 2010

At the start of the new school year, Teton High School principal Jeff Brandt formed the “Excellence Committee.” ...(more)

What happens post pardon
November 24, 2010

I’ve been a turkey all my life, but I’m nobody’s fool. If there’ one thing I know, it’s that you should never let the truth get in the way of a good story. ...(more)

The mountain math
November 17, 2010

Jim Costello isn’t from around here, but he arrived on the scene late this summer with decades of knowledge under his belt, literally. ...(more)

Driving community spirit
November 10, 2010

Kicking back might only be something Etta Rokes does on the soccer fields. ...(more)

The mountain muscle
November 03, 2010

If you think you’ve got a powder stash at Grand Targhee that the head of ski patrol doesn’t know about, you are dreaming. But that’s a good thing. ...(more)

The mountain mama
October 20, 2010

The new general manager up at Grand Targhee Resort is not typical for the region. She is not the usual hard-boiled cowboy type; rather, she is the stuff that editors dream of when anticipating a woman’s issue. ...(more)

‘Students of the month’ highlight academic excellence for THS
October 13, 2010

Nine students were chosen for the first month of September. They are Jeremy Schwartz, Tom Beard, Jasmin Villa, Mary Hannon, Cheyenne Smith, Emily Cattabriga, Tynesha Buxton, Katie Yarbrough, and Ryan Nelson. Below is the information supplied by the t ...(more)

The mountain man
October 06, 2010

Geordie Gillett was a little disappointed that no local media covered his team’s first-place finish at the Jackson Hole One Fly tournament last month. World Cast Anglers schooled the competition with Gillett scoring the most points for his t ...(more)

Educational support
September 22, 2010

It is a weighty thing to be handed the responsibility of attempting to improve the educational experience provided by the public school system. ...(more)

Finding success one step at a time
September 15, 2010

Thirty-nine-year-old Alta resident Patricia Moeller won the Grand Teton marathon Sept. 5, smashing personal running records and reaching goals she thought she could never physically obtain. ...(more)

How does your garden grow?
September 08, 2010

Judy Allen planted a lollipop stick in the ground as a young child. She had watched on television, specifically on the children’s program, Captain Kangaroo ...(more)

Drawing a bead on success
September 01, 2010

When 8-year-old Zack Lerwill drew a bead on his first elk this summer, he was so excited he had to go take a pee. Once the young man did his business, he raised his rifle to his shoulder again and squeezed the trigger. ...(more)

Switching gears
August 25, 2010

It was a largely overlooked moment Tuesday afternoon at the Teton High School game. A Teton student went down during the second half of a winning match against Rigby ...(more)

Ready to inspire
August 18, 2010

A lifetime of leadership has accumulated for Megan Bybee as she is posed to take a new position at the Driggs Elementary School and Kindergarten Center as its newest, and possibly, its youngest principal. ...(more)

Three Teton teens win with Meth Art Project
August 11, 2010

Hundreds of Idaho teens created more than 350 pieces of large-scale public artwork across Idaho’s 44 counties and for Teton County three emerge winners of the statewide public art project. ...(more)

Celebrating 100 years is more than golden for many in this valley
August 04, 2010

I’m excited about Driggs turning 100 years old this year. A centennial celebration. What a remarkable event. A milestone even. But for me, it’s not half as thrilling as seeing my mom, Donna Brace Ogilvie, turn 100 on Jan. 21, 2010. ...(more)

Your voice is her focus
July 28, 2010

What’s a plan without the public? Nothing, according to Angie Rutherford, Teton County’s newest planner and GIS professional. ...(more)

Teton Valley’s wolverine man
July 21, 2010

Among the rarest and least understood large carnivores in the United States, the wolverine is legendary for its tougness and predatory skill. ...(more)

Worms for sale
July 14, 2010

B.J. Fullmer likes to cook his trout over an open flame, grilled with butter and seasoned with a pinch of salt and pepper. ...(more)

Stump branches out
July 07, 2010

After spending his early years on the world cup freestyle ski circuit before traveling the world to document what was then the sport’s most extreme limits, legendary filmmaker Greg Stump has settled down in Victor. ...(more)

An education
June 30, 2010

Lori Kramer really didn’t know what to expect when the idea for the Teton Valley Education Foundation was hatched in 2005. ...(more)

Lisa Smith-Batchen breaks the mold
June 23, 2010

Driggs resident and famed ultra-marathoner Lisa Smith-Batchen finished her record-setting 2,500-mile run Saturday at The Spud, welcomed back by a crowd of well-wishers after a 62-day effort to run 50 miles in all 50 states. ...(more)

The long haul
June 16, 2010

Longtime area outdoor instructors and Driggs residents Sharon and Jim Guenther have recently retired, and like many retirees, they intend to go on a road trip. ...(more)

Rubber hits the road
June 09, 2010

Making coast to coast look like butter and toast, Mike Ehredt is just doing what comes naturally by taking it one step at a time. ...(more)

Three to address 2010 graduating class
June 02, 2010

Sometimes there really isn’t time for reflection. In the midst of finals and friends, fine-tuning speeches and the constant interruption of high school, how can the sum of four years equal a few sentences? ...(more)

On track: Driggs man builds new cycle venue
May 26, 2010

A new BMX track is taking shape in Driggs near the Fifth Street skate park, thanks to the efforts of local father and excavator Scott Smith, along with about 20 other volunteers. ...(more)

A clan of cattlemen
May 19, 2010

Nick Beard reigns up on his team until the two draft horses stop in the middle of the field his family refers to as the Meadow. His father wields a small ax to cut the twine holding together the hay bales used to feed the family’s heifers, c ...(more)

Cultivating confidence
May 05, 2010

For anyone who was ever a student of anything, there were teachers. Among those teachers, there was usually one who stands out, a memory of the mentor who pushed a little harder to inspire the best and the brightest from within. ...(more)

Sorting it out
April 28, 2010

The Friday following Earth Day, the valley’s waste stream was redirected in subtle but significant ways. Teton County got an occupancy permit to move into its multi-million dollar transfer station ...(more)

April 21, 2010

Last fall the valley gathered in force at the Saddleback Vista’s horse arena in the center of the valley. The occasion: Joe Nethercott. One by one they all came, family, co-workers, friends, and friends of friends.

Picking new lines
April 14, 2010

When someone has difficulty navigating the valley floor, it’s a bold step to put that person on skis. You want to make sure the transition is done with great care. ...(more)

Brewing up solutions
April 07, 2010

It would be a gross generalization to suggest that successful realtors fly below the radar when it comes to politics, religion or really anything that would alienate them from potential clients. But it does happen. ...(more)

Foundation finds new passion
March 31, 2010

Sometimes the pieces just fit. And with one phone call over a year ago, Diane Temple transitioned from the private sector, to public fundraising, fitting together a passion for community service and the county hospital. ...(more)

Fast pitch player bags college scholarship
March 24, 2010

It was more than a team effort that will find Teton High School senior Shantel McCashland playing college ball this fall. ...(more)

In solidarity for children with cancer
March 17, 2010

Third-grader Ella Dahlgren-Hundere isn’t too sure what her mother will look like with a shaved head, but the eight-year-old has already drawn a “before” picture with another half of space on the paper for the “after.” ...(more)

Pages in a love story
March 10, 2010

It has been said that you can learn more about a person by seeing the books that they read than by having lunch with them.

Spelling champ headed to D.C.
March 03, 2010

Tom Bates monopolized the second annual spelling bee event last Thursday. ...(more)

Building community from Teton Valley to Cambodia
February 24, 2010

His Excellency Mao Vuthy, Personal Advisor to Samdech Ponthea Chakrei Heng Sam Rin, Chairman of the National Assembly was there. So was Alta’s Pat Butts. ...(more)

More than a pair of skis
February 17, 2010

It’s Friday afternoon and students skim along the snow at the sledding hill at the BYU facility at Badger Creek.

Finding purpose overseas
February 10, 2010

As the headlines fade from the limelight, as headlines often do after the rush of news, the passion and desire to reach out beyond the borders of home has, in the this case, continued to burn more brightly. ...(more)

Wherever you wander, wherever you roam
February 03, 2010

As you head east up Ski Hill road and cross just over the state line into Wyoming, there sits a quaint little pink chalet adorned with a whimsical balcony and shutters of hearts. ...(more)

Horse Power
January 27, 2010

Richard McGrath sat in his dorm room unsure if he was going to be able to ever leave it. The fear, remorse, and depression were confronted by a knock at the door and an old cowboy. ...(more)

Harnessing horsepower
January 20, 2010

From NASCAR to ski racing, it’s as much about suspension as it is about your engine. Technological advances bring greater performance to all aspects of the adrenaline junkie each year. But without traction, there is no action. ...(more)

Dropping a different knee at St. Francis
January 13, 2010

Chris Roberts had always longed to head back to the mountains, to the west and (sometimes) to that wind. ...(more)

Hands on experience
January 06, 2010

The founder and orthopedic trailblazer at High Peaks Physical Therapy, Judy Baumgardner, has created more than a business through her healing reputation built on intense study, practice and careful care of Teton Valley residents. ...(more)

The last supper
December 30, 2009

If you’ve ever been to the Lost Horizon Dinner Club, there’s no need to explain. If you haven’t, well, it’s pretty hard to understand the gravity of Chuck and Shigeko Irwin calling it quits after 33 years. ...(more)

Santa gets a break this season
December 23, 2009

NORTH POLE- Due to the global recession this year, Baby New Year will double this season as Santa Claus.


Idaho gets national spotlight in Reno
December 16, 2009

All bets were off when Tavner Wilson, a junior at Teton High School, stepped to the start line last week in Reno. ...(more)

Sewing family tradition
December 09, 2009

Annie Weisman had always been of the opinion that “art was sissy.” ...(more)

Teaching by example
December 02, 2009

Nikko Judo Academy is not run strictly like a school. It’s not a military boot camp or police academy either, though somehow it’s a slice of all three, with some Y.MC.A. thrown in for good measure. ...(more)

Handing over the reins
November 25, 2009

It was revealed this week that Dark Horse is being taken over not by the bank, but by the attorney. ...(more)

Alta student carves out her future
November 18, 2009

For graduating senior Kelly Mackenzie, she is realizing a dream come true that started with her parents, Dana and Debra, who recognized their daughter’s drive and who now watch her as some of her goals become reality through their support. ...(more)

Ready to roll
November 11, 2009

When outgoing Driggs Mayor Lou Christensen came home to Driggs in 1992, he had been given five years to live after finishing chemotherapy in California for the aggressive T-cell Lymphoma that ended up taking one of his legs. ...(more)

Finding a home in this mountain valley
November 04, 2009

It was a busy day for Teton Valley’s newest family last Friday. There were new classrooms to try on, and schedules not yet refined. ...(more)

Historical Society honors local author
October 28, 2009

Local author and historian Earle Layser was honored by the Wyoming State Historical Society this month for his first book, I Always Did Like Horses and Women: Enoch Cal Carrington’s Life Story. ...(more)

Newfound respect
October 21, 2009

When ivories adorn Riley Raube as part of a necklace or a bracelet, they will remind the young lady of her fi rst harvest and of an unforgettable adventure with her father. ...(more)

Part of the bigger picture
October 14, 2009

Sometimes it’s important to take a step back in order to appreciate the entire forest as well as its individual trees. ...(more)

To Yellowstone and back again
October 07, 2009

For Physician Assistant Lis Gammelin, a few months spent working and exploring in Yellowstone National Park was just the right prescription she needed to come back to Teton Valley Health Care refreshed and renewed. ...(more)

Beard honored for military service
September 30, 2009

Sam Beard was 22 years old in 1942. He was working at the family sawmill in South Leigh Canyon and had just started dating Ella Kaufman when the country was on the cusp of the second World War. ...(more)

The heart of Steele
September 23, 2009

In an age when quiet and gentle characteristics may seem to suggest meek and timid qualities, Sabra Steele defines strength and influence through study and thoughtful consideration. ...(more)

Cooperative cradle
September 16, 2009

With their two sons, Sam and Eli, and daughter named Margaret, Sue and Jim Berkenfield have collaborated on three heirs. ...(more)

Finding everyone's passion for music
September 09, 2009

I was the student in school who, in order to pass music class, would spend my hours in the library. ...(more)

"You just keep going..."
September 02, 2009

Everyone should have the opportunity to sit on a five-gallon bucket next to a grain field and listen to Doris Moss share memories while she picks raspberries. ...(more)

Volunteering in her veins
August 26, 2009

Kathy Stillman is content in her garden, working a colorful pattern of fl ora in her back yard under the back drop of perfect late summer afternoon, Tetons looming in the background and homemade sun tea sweating on the picnic table. ...(more)

From the reins to reigning queen
August 19, 2009

Our own cowgirl Erin Heffron from Alta has gone up and up and up! Last Saturday, Aug. 15 at the Wyoming State Fair in Douglas she was crowned Miss Rodeo Wyoming, competing along with eight other girls from the state. ...(more)

Dewey Decimal Diva
August 12, 2009

There’s a sign thoughtfully placed in the front of the bookmobile in Alta, right in the spot where it tells you the ultimate destination of the bus and its passenger. ...(more)

From Sin City to School Resource Officer
August 05, 2009

Aleisha Jorgensen may be the newest and the youngest member of the Teton County Sheriff’s Offi ce, but what the 21-year-old deputy lacks in years she makes up for in experience after serving as a paramedic in Las Vegas, Nev., for two years. ...(more)

Not willing to settle until it’s sustainable
July 29, 2009

When you enjoy the highest degree of productivity from the lowest number of resources, that’s just good business; it’s also called sustainability, a recent buzzword in both public and private sectors. ...(more)

Humanity is 100 proof at 18,000 feet
July 22, 2009

There were three deaths at Everest Base Camp. Teton Valley Health Care doctor Eric Johnson was almost one of them. ...(more)

Up on Table Mountain
July 15, 2009

It was six years in the making that a lifetime of careful observation has threaded together a personal testimony and appreciation for the natural world that Kelley Coburn offers in his fi rst written work of art. ...(more)

Building his own reputation
July 08, 2009

With 37 days left before the start of a school year, new Teton County School Superintendent Monte Woolstenhulme isn’t wasting any time. ...(more)

Zen and the art of bamboo rod building
June 17, 2009

Jim Berkenfield doesn't stalk rainbows and cutthroat trout on the Teton with a pipe between his teeth and a wicker creel slung over his shoulder, but he is admittedly old school in many manners of his angling. A Peerless or a classic Hardy Perfect ...(more)

On top of the world
June 03, 2009

Mountain top experiences are described in the oldest of texts documenting the thrill, satisfaction and sometimes life changing experiences that can happen in the thin air. For a group of Teton Valley residents, walking off the world's ...(more)

Out of the mountains, into the fields
May 27, 2009

Anyone wearing knee high waders, rolled over dark blue wranglers, must know something about water. With a widebrim cowboy hat, polarized sunglasses and a toothpick to satisfy, John Letham has been a lifetime water sage. His appearance might strike a ...(more)

Three to address graduating class of 2009
May 20, 2009

There are a few lines written in senior Michael Warburton's notebook. He's sitting in Teton High School English teacher Diane Green's class. The last bell has already rung and the hallways are dark with splashes of spring streaming through ...(more)

Sharing her secret
December 31, 1969

High school can often be an endless landscape of a variety of personalities that, whether you care to admit it or not, work to define our future selves. For good or bad, the people we meet along the locker lined hallways can leave lasting imprints we carry with us on our way to becoming who we are and who we want to be. ...(more)

Advocating for value
December 31, 1969

With his office and shop situated in the Rocky Road Industrial Park south of Driggs, Joe Montesano understands that everything has its place in a community. For him, that’s what planning and zoning is all about, but he also considers himself a proponent of property rights. He believes the two are not mutually exclusive. ...(more)

Student of the snow
December 31, 1969

Teton Valley is a hotspot for avalanche professionals, from instructors and backcountry guides to forecasters and snow scientists, but no one knows the snow quite like Lynne Wolfe. ...(more)


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TVHC Comm Health 2014