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Healthy returns
March 27, 2013

New physician assistants at TVHC are waiting for you

Two new physician assistants are happy to call Teton Valley their home. Again.

Troy Weston and Anna Gunderson are the newest faces on the medical team at the non-profit medical facility Teton Valley Health Care bringing with them an incredible wealth of experience and breadth of knowledge.

Weston graduated from Teton High School in the late 1980s and is the son of Slim and Cindy Weston, (yes, that Slim of Grand Targhee fame). He said was drawn to Teton Valley not only as a place he’s always called home, but for, “the outstanding staff and team approach,” that TVHC places on patient care.

For Gunderson, finding her place on this side of Teton Pass was a natural move from Jackson. Having worked specifically under beloved PA Liz Gammelin as an intern, she’s excited to turn her attention to valley patients as a specifically trained family care PA.

“I enjoy medicine because each and every person and problem is unique,” said Weston. “It is gratifying to help those who are ill and injured.”

Both Weston and Gunderson acknowledged that although their desire is to work toward healing the sick and injured, their passion is also in the overall wellness of their patients.

“As PAs, we can mange patients just like a family doctor,” said Gunderson. “We work under a doctor and they act as our sounding board.”

Gunderson is a nationally certified physician assistant having earned her Bachelors of Science from Appalachian State University in Boone, NC. She received her PA certificate from the Idaho State University.
Weston, having studied at Utah State University and Idaho State University, has been a certified PA for 16 years working for years in emergency medicine, pediatrics, adult and geriatric care.

Between the two of them they have expertise in wellness checks, skin care, general family care, heart-disease management, and orthopedic and sports related injury to name only a few.

Weston has also worked in internal medicine and preventive care and said he looks forward to serving patients with chronic illnesses and conditions.

And while Gunderson said that skiing the Pass this winter was amazing and Weston has toured the valley’s waterscape on skis and snow machine, nothing can replace the energy they bring to Teton Valley patients.
Gunderson enthusiastically reminded seniors that she is at the Senior Center every first and third Tuesday for lunch offering a foot care clinic.

As for both, they keep regular hours at TVHC.  Weston is at Victor Clinic Mondays and Tuesdays then manages an ER shift two days a week. Gunderson is available at the Driggs Health Clinic Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. If people are interested in a consultation, please call for more information about their services and TVHC at 354-2383.





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