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Gearing up for the Great Snow Fest
January 02, 2013

Clear skies in the forecast no problem for event organizers

With the holidays recent history, Teton Valley is turning its collective attention to the next big event that hopes to be an economic driver to local businesses. With Teton Valley’s Great Snow Fest scheduled for the middle of January, low snowfall is an obstacle easily overcome.
“Conditions are very similar to last year, and we’ve got just enough snow to pull this off,” said Mayor Dan Powers. “We will likely harvest snow from Lyons Park and the old football field with the help of local excavators, though we will need more volunteer help this year as the blocks downtown will be bigger.”
Powers said the blocks will be eight feet tall by eight feet wide by eight feet long this year, compared to the six by six by eight blocks that were constructed last year. By early next week, RM Concrete will begin putting up the forms that will be filled with snow by Sutton, Green and Action Excavation companies, as well as Teton County and the City of Driggs.
With ten teams currently registered to carve sculptures out of the snow blocks, two professional teams will be entering the fray this year, Team Canon City and Team Wyoming. Led by Team Captain Deirdre Morris, the Slithereens will be carrying last year’s first place finish into compeition. This local team will be joined by seven others, including the Targhee Folks, Snow Joking Matter, Chefs of Victor, Team King Kong, Team Rotary, Snow Be Do and the Frosted Flakes.
By the end of next week, the forms should be filled with snow and ready for the Community Snowblock Stomping Party on Friday, an event that will be followed by a party at Alpine Wines.
In Victor, event organizer Virginia Symons confirmed that the ski-joring and snowcross events are scheduled to take place south of town once again near Grand Teton Brewery. In order to let animals warm up for the ski-joring events, snowcross is scheduled to take place in the morning on both Saturday and Sunday the weekend of the Snow Fest.

Though there has been no rush to book lodging during the week of the Snow Fest, Melaine Rehberg, Sales Manager at Teton Springs Lodge and Spa said the bookings she did enjoy last year were made the week before the actual event.

“People don’t generally book until after the holidays for an event like this,” Rehberg said. “Most everything we have on the book for the new year is associated with heli-skiing.”

Symons said a few details are still being finalized with regard to the Snow Fest, and she encouraged everyone to use the website as thebest point of reference in the days and weeks leading up to the event.

Visit www.greatsnowfest.com for more detailed information and to view the entire schedule of events.  



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