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December 19, 2012

A little dough goes a long way for 460 Bread in Driggs

460 Bread in Driggs is proud to support local non profits and charity efforts in the valley. Pictured above, the staff at 460 Bread includes (from left to right) Gannon Larson, Julie Wride, Alex Pagel and co-owners, Ty Mack and Jarod Pfeffer. Photo by Jeannette Boner

460 Bread is a rising example as a community business giving back for the sake of the valley’s greater good.

For co-owners Jarod Pfeffer and Ty Mack, the unassuming bakery just off of Johnson Avenue in Driggs has enjoyed increased business over the last three years, expanding its operation and distribution.
And with this success, 460 quietly works to give a slice of their dough to those that ask and are in need in Teton
Valley. In the last year alone, they estimate that 1,500 loaves of bread went toward such needs as the Teton
Valley Food Bank, fundraisers and community dinners.

“In many ways, it dates back to our own model of starting the business,” said Mack. “(460) was a way to be
more engaged in the community. It’s our time, money and energy that would provide for our families and the community. It’s a way to make this place a little better as we raise our families.”

The garage door opens slightly on Tuesday, and a bellow of steam waifs out into the early blue light of the morning.

460 Bread has been heating up production before the break of day, and as the sun crests over the mountains their small staff of six, including Pfeffer and Mack, have been busy kneading, baking and packing for the days orders.

“We wouldn’t exist as a small business if it wasn’t for this community,” Pfeffer said.
Mack agreed, adding that because of community support and the City of Driggs being, “a fabulous place to do business,” the bakery has been able to reach further for Teton Valley. “We’ve been able to focus a little more on getting out into the community,” said Mack.

And so when the community comes knocking for support, the men gladly open the door. Every two weeks they deliver 25 pounds of bread to the local food bank. Other community efforts have recently included supporting the Teton High School’s National Honor Society’s silent auction, the Youth Hockey League in Jackson, Teton Valley Trails and Pathways and lately, they supported the efforts of Teton Valley Health Care’s free community dinners.

“The folks at 460 were very enthusiastic about joining our TVHC team of elves,” said Ann Loyola, Public Affairs Manager for TVHC. “They gave us 200 fresh dinner rolls for our Jinglebell community dinner and they added 30 individual bags of bread stuffing for holiday food baskets that were distributed by Subs for Santa.”

“We have the policy of never turning anyone away for a community fundrasier,” said Mack.





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