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Perfect pitch
November 14, 2012

THS senior to attend All-Northwest Mixed Choir

Teton High School senior Jacob Miskin was chosen to sing in the prestigious All-Northwest Mixed Choir event in Portland. A stand out student, Miskin attributes his success to practicing and enjoying music with friends. Photo by Jeannette Boner

Jacob Miskin’s ability to spin notes and sound into golden melody has earned him the honor of participating in this year’s All Northwest Mixed Choir; the Grammys, if you will, for high school students.

Chosen as the only Teton High School student to participate among thousands of music students in the region, this unassuming senior’s gift is undeniable whether he’s performing in a choir, a quartette or as a soloist.

“I really love music,” Miskin said on Tuesday outside of the choir room at the high school. “I love the message that good music sends. I love listening to it. I’ve never seen it as work,” he added of practicing.

The highly selective event will welcome over a thousand other outstanding high school student musicians in this gala event including high school bands, choirs and orchestras. Taking place in Portland, Ore. February 13 through 17, 2013, students will rehearse and perform in concert under the direction of world-renowned conductors. 

Other well-known Northwesterners who have participated in the past years’ All-Northwest groups include trumpeters Doc Severinson and Allen Vizzutti, The Seattle Post-Intelligencer’s Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist and columnist David Horsey, 2008 National Teacher of the Year Andrea Peterson, and jazz saxophonist Kenny G.

“It’s a great honor,” Miskin said of attending the event. “I’m surprised I made it, but I’m excited to go and perform. You’re in such a large choir, with so many good voices and dynamic sound. I’m a little nervous especially since I’m the only one from Teton going.”

Last year Miskin attended the All-State competition with seven other students. Hearing that Miskin was invited to the Northwest Mixed Choir next year was music to Kristy Romano’s ears.

“I feel privileged to teach Jacob,” said the high school music teacher who will attend the event with Miskin. “He comes to class prepared and he’s a quick learner. He has a phenomenal ear and can read music which is a perfect combination.”

To reach this perfect pitch in his high school career, Miskin started early taking music courses in middle school and studying music at the start of his high school years. His passion is not limited to the classroom walls as he has belonged to local bands and is currently planning on recording with fellow classmates in a barbershop quartet for the holiday season.

Miskin is quick to acknowledge that these collaborative efforts with classmates and teachers has only helped to hone his talent.

“I would like to thank the choir and Mrs. Romano for being there,” Miskin said. “In the group sections (break out groups in choir class) there are really strong voices. They have helped me develop my musical ear and have helped me listen to what’s going on. That’s what makes choir so fun. The people and the fun we have together.

Trained as a tenor, Miskin will be performing as a tenor 2 though last year at All-State he performed as a tenor 1.

Miskin is also focused on the future as a high school senior and plans on including music post-graduation. He’s still applying to post-secondary schools having already been accepted into BYU-Provo. He is planning on completing a LDS mission before he attends college and though he is not completely decided on what he’s going to study once in college, he knows that music will be a part of the collegiate composition.

“I’ve always loved singing,” Miskin said. “It’s something that has always come naturally to me.”





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