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SWAT team aids in incident with armed woman at Victor residence
November 12, 2012


A woman is in custody at the Behavioral Health Center in Idaho Falls after showing up early Sunday morning in Victor at a residence with a handgun in an alleged suicide attempt.

Teton County Sheriff Tony Liford and Deputy Justin Davis responded to the Victor residence after receiving a call from Teton County Wyoming dispatch with information that the woman intended to provoke law enforcement into shooting her.

Sheriff Liford contacted the Tri-County SWAT team for assistance, and was also aided by Teton County Fire District and Ambulance.

The woman’s mother had called 911 in Jackson with information that her daughter was armed and intended to do herself harm. In Victor, the woman had parked her vehicles in between two houses and was texting and calling a male acquaintance inside one of the residences where she had parked.

Liford and Davis had positioned themselves on the second story of a nearby residence to try and observe the woman’s actions. Once the woman left her vehicle and started toward the residence, Deputy Davis covered her with a firearm and she began screaming back at him. After the assessment had been made that the woman did not have a firearm, she was taken into custody by a member of the Tri-County SWAT team.

“We’re really thankful we have Sheriff’s Offices around with SWAT team capabilities,” Liford said. “We always like to try to talk these situations out first, as long as it takes.”

Though the woman did not have a gun in her possession when she was taken into custody, there was a pistol in her vehicle. Sheriff Liford was aware that the woman had a law enforcement background and he said there was concern that she was proficient with firearms.

Working with Teton County Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Chris Lundberg, Liford said charges against this woman would likely be dropped if she were enlisted in the mental health program recommended to her by the Behavioral Heath Center.





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