Wednesday August 20, 2014
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The Valley Citizen provides the best local news coverage specific to Teton Valley and its readers in Idaho and Wyoming. Through superior local news reporting, our weekly newspaper strives to promote, encourage and prepare Teton Valley for its future while celebrating and respecting its past.

By combining the expertise, experience and proven trustworthiness of two editors, Hope Strong and Jeannette Boner, with the energy and familiarity of advertising sales director Tom Hickey, the Valley Citizen will be Teton Valley’s trusted news source while serving as the area’s premier weekly advertising venue. Community trust and central local operations will be cornerstones to serving Teton Valley.

“In an age of internet media and 24/7 cable outlets, more than 20 million Americans still get a significant amount of their news from small circulation daily and weekly newspapers,” according to National Newspaper Association President John Strong in a National Public Radio interview from April 30, 2007. “For many of these mom and pop papers, business is booming – so much so that hundreds of papers have been targeted by growing national chains.”

There is simply no substitute for effective, straightforward reporting and print advertising in a community as increasingly complex as Teton Valley. Even as the digital age continues to control many aspects of our lives, the pulse of a rural place still exists in newsprint.

“The light which has been shed on mankind by the art of printing has eminently changed the condition of the world… and while printing is preserved, it can no more recede than the sun return on his course.” – Thomas Jefferson, 1823




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